homebirth services

What I love most about my homebirth practice are the relationships with families that have developed over the course of 20 years of being a midwife. Being able to help welcome children into the world in a big-hearted, ceremonial way is one of the greatest gifts life has given me. 


As a midwife working in an autonomous setting, I am able to center mutual decision-making, respect, communication and kindness, combined with clinical expertise. This process called “prenatal care”  allows us to reach depths that are impossible to reach in a clinical or institutional setting. Together we watch the story of the baby unfold and observe and learn from the little one coming in. In listening deeply and following our instincts and intellect, we greet the moment of birth in full power and potential. It is extraordinary to guide and observe this fierce and tender journey.  

Because relationship building is at the center of my midwifery practice, prenatal and postpartum care occurs both in the comfort of your home and in my cozy office. Comprehensive prenatal care for


Homebirth includes:


  • Free consultation
  • Initial intake
  • Prenatal appointments every 3-4 weeks until 26 weeks of pregnancy
  • Prenatal visits every 2 weeks from 26-36 weeks of pregnancy
  • Prenatal visits every week from 36 weeks to birth
  • Continuous labor support at home
  • Care during labor, birth, and immediate postpartum
  • Postpartum visits several times during the first week, and 2,4, and 6 week postpartum and well baby visits
  • Additional phone consultations and extra visits as needed


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