Midwives listen, we watch closely, we open ourselves humbly to what each pregnancy, each birth, each child has to show us.  


We stay up all night sharing deep breaths and encouraging words, we feed people, we wipe sweaty brows, we are a sounding board, we are an anchor, we trust, we believe. 


Midwives understand the birthing process in an intimate way, we pray, we follow our intuition, we step in when we need to, we work together, we support families in their vision of how they want to welcome their child. We empower.


Midwives prepare and support mothers and parents as they grow and stretch in beautiful ways to meet their child.  We see families through the challenges and the joys of loving another human being beyond words. 


Shouldn’t every mother, every person, every child have the support of a midwife?


Fruits of Labor actively embodies the awareness and skills necessary to have a culturally-responsive practice. In other words, we respect that a wide intersection of race, class, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, age, mental and physical ability weaves a beautiful and intricate web of who we are. It also informs how we approach birth. By practicing active listening, reflecting, reserving judgment, and seeking to learn more about the world of our clients, we are not practicing cultural “competence”, but rather seeking to practice cultural humility.

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